Queen of Hearts Crown

A lightweight and moveable crown inspired by the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.

Light-up Venetian style Masquerade Mask

A long-nosed half-face mask decorated with multi-coloured lights and feathers.

Star Wars flat peak caps

Adjustable flat peak cap in your choice of colour with your choice of Star Wars embroidered patch.

Light-up Crown

Created bespoke in colours and size of your choice.

Easter Egg Nest

Cute, funny and comfortable to wear.

'Faberge for Easter day'

Elegant Easter Fascinator in beautiful spring colours

Black Death Rides Again Halloween Fascinator

Death, with a scythe and two rats on chains,in front of a mound of skulls and black feathers

Drinks with Death Halloween Fascinator

With a skeleton sprawled across a red velvet base and a light-up brain, this is a conversation starter!

Creepy-Crawly Halloween Hair-Piece

An insect infested, yellow clip on hair piece

Miss Muffet's Nightmare Halloween Fascinator

A colour-changing, light-up spider on top of a large circle of green netting.

Voodoo King Top Hat

A vintage top-hat with light-up eyeballs and bloody, severed fingers.

Severed Hand Halloween Fascinator

A gory severed hand sits atop dark velvet, with 'merry widow' netting that covers the eyes.

Haunted Graveyard Halloween Fascinator

A miniature, highly detailed graveyard with a light-up tower behind.

Zombie Cocktails and Crudites Halloween Fascinator

Lots of UV reactive elements on this elegant yet disturbing fascinator.

Cursed Treasure Halloween Fascinator

A grey skull site atop a mound of treasure, with flickering candles on either side.

Chiroptera Halloween Fascinator

An orange and purple fascinator with moving bats and eyeballs, with netting detail.

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